CLIENT: Raquels



When a campy horror film meets modern nostalgic rockers, the music video for The Raquels song 1982 is born. This stylized and sticky sweet video is an homage to the 80’s - a decade that gave inspiration to the musicians, song, and video.

Loose partnered with The Raquels to make their vision come to life. With costumes, art direction and concept provided by both the band and Loose, this video is the epitome of a collaboration.



Tasha Cintron

Drew Johnson

The Raquels

Directors: Noah Dixon & Ori Segev

Producer: Roger Phelps

Assistant Producer: Drew Johnson

Cinematographer: Ori Segev

Editor and Colorist: Ori Segev

Special Effects Makeup: Janae Smith

Gaffers: Andy Quinlan & Chris Robie

Crew: Rezo Arveladze