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- Commercial - Documentary - Music Video - Event Coverage -

- Branded Content - Campaign - Film -

Commercial Reel



- Discovery Session - Concept - Design - Direction -


- Casting - Set Design - Art Direction -


- Crew - Locations - Equipment -


- Editing - Sound Design - Score - Color - VFX -


Our branded esports content features captivating and cinematic style of filmmaking to engage an audience and bring attention to a product or service. Think of it as subliminal messaging, but healthy and heartfelt.

Live event Content

We follow the Gears of War Pro Circuit as it travels the world, building dynamic set design and creating content all onsite. Below is our standard deliverable list for each event.

Content Breakdown for A Gears of War eventS

Team Profiles

10s Bumpers

Additional Content pieces






EVENT recap

Applying our uniquely refined filmmaking style, we capture all of the action and atmosphere of any event. We set up a variety of shot scales, camera movements and time-lapses to help bring to life the most memorable parts. Every event is different. We take care to understand the coordination and dynamics of each project. Thorough background research allows us to capture an event's pivotal moments in stride...and we never miss a moment.

DOCUMENTARY: Player Profiles

Loose operates with a compact and talented team of experienced documentarians devoted to creating the best narrative possible. We implement a comfortable atmosphere and work to cultivate strong relationships with our subjects that proves instrumental in capturing impactful content. By maintaining all production elements in-house, we’re able to maintain an intimate hold on our work, which is imperative to the narrative at hand. 

documentary: Long Form

Loose documentary. Caamp Side A + B was a in depth look into the band Caamp. This long form documentary, was shot over multiple days and took a raw approach to capture the band’s story.

Additional Work