Loose’s relationship with CAAMP dates back three years, when we huddled up in the dark, musty, beer-stained venue known as The Basement to film one the duo’s first shows there. Since then, the “Ohio boys making noise” have ascended into the musical stratosphere, with their effervescent folk energy gathering them more than a million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than four million streams on their tracks “Vagabond” and “Misty”.

With touring, recording and other activities going on, it’s been quite some time since Loose and CAAMP have joined forces, to give an inside look into the bands ascent to success and where they’re headed from here. 



Director: Noah Dixon and Ori Segev

Cinematography and Color: Ori Segev

Editor: Noah Dixon

Assistant Editing: Javier Badosa Moriyama

Sound Recording: Drew Johnson

Sound Mixing: Chris Cope

Movi Op: Logan Floyd

Production: Loose Films