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We personalize absolutely everything in life this day and age. From the clothes we buy to the food we eat to pretty much everything else, we manipulate what, where, and how we take it all in. Oh, and we wield the power to do so in our fingertips. While it's an incredible part of the digital age to be able to choose whatever media source you want, when one has the ability to infinitely personalize, do we actually broaden our perspectives or cater to them? Sometimes I feel that we miss out on the street corner-style of intaking media where whole neighborhoods and towns would pick up the same newspaper, read the same news regardless of political affiliation, have conversations standing on similar ground, and potentially understand each other more. If there is a musical equivalent to the street corner-style of intaking media, that equivalent is Hillydilly

The Canadian-based blog, founded by Chad Hillard, features new music postings every single day complete with write ups, social media links, and one of my favorite parts - a flag of the artist's country to tell you where they are from. Aside from new music every single day, the blog has a strong playlist game (i.e. 'Backyard BBQ Vibes' & 'Australia Knows') and you can even make an account for free where you can save songs and create your own playlists. What really sets this music blog apart from the rest is it's unique street corner feel. When it comes to genre, Hillydilly does not discriminate and the small staff of writers hand-select and screen each song that comes through their hands. Their writers are from all around the world to ensure a non-biased curation. The music posted speaks for itself, for one can find music from all parts of the world on Hillydilly. 

And speaking of the music, well, it's amazing and it's free. From unknown artists with 200 followers on Soundcloud to the heavy hitters of today, Hillydilly is sure to be on top of all releases that are, well, amazing. Where Hillydilly, again, sets themselves apart is their coverage (and debuts) of the freshest up and coming artists. If you are a person that often says, "I knew [insert band name] before they were big," or if you've ever wanted to be that person look no further, Hillydilly is for you. And that's not even their mantra, Hilly is purely about adding value to life via great music - something they feel "everyone deserves to have." Here at Loose, we agree and that is why Hillydilly is a blog we love <3. 

Hillydilly can be found at a few street corners near you: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Apps ~ iOS & Android 




3 Female Aussie Artists to Look Out For

Here at Loose, we take pride in our vast and varying fondness for artistic culture - especially of the musical nature. What we have all found to be true is that Australia produces some of the best music known to humankind. There's something about that island/country/continent.  So let's get to the music, mate! 

1. Jack River

Jack River wowed us in July with her debut single 'Talk Like That.' Hailing from Forster, New South Wales (population of 13,000), Holly Rankin delivers a powerful tune filled with defiance, jealousy, and even a hint of empathy. During the hook, Rankin sings, "I don't talk like that, I don't talk like her/I won't dance around you, I don't do it like that." Sonically, TLT is wistful. Featuring synth swells and bell-like percussive elements, the music pushes the listener to rise and fall alongside Rankin. This is a stellar debut from the I OH YOU newcomer and we can't wait for her forthcoming EP set to be released later this year! Peep the dreamy music video below:


2. JOY. 

Olivia McCarthy is the genius behind JOY. The Brisbane-native is multifaceted when it comes to her art - she's both a producer and a singer/songwriter. This sort of talent bodes well for the rising star, she's only 18! Her new and sultry single, 'Like Home,' deals with conflicting emotion and boasts a lot of attitude. On the one hand McCarthy pleads, "If you don't feel like home, I should be on my own", while she also admits, "I don't want to be alone."  Musically, 'Like Home' puts a fresh twist on classic R&B with electronically-laced percussion and a fulsome chorus. She's already collaborated with the likes of WHAT SO NOT, GANZ, Peking Duk, and more so definitely keep an ear out for JOY. Check out the music video for 'Like Home' below:



Tash Sultana is a one-woman powerhouse. She's had a guitar in her hands since the age of three and her newest single 'Notion' proves it. The tune starts Petit Biscuit-esque with Sultana silkily strumming on her electric. The song only ever gets better as Tash's unbelievably raw and pure vocals compliment the crispness of her guitar work. At the four-minute mark our ears are blessed with a fiery solo followed by the goose-bump inducing line, "You're calling out my name." Here at Loose, we have a notion that Tash will be here to stay and we can't wait for more music from the 21-year old Melbourne native. Check out the tune here:

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