Logan Floyd


Logan Floyd joined Loose full-time in October of 2017, so we thought it was time to update everyone on who he really is:

Logan Floyd is an award winning cinematographer from Essex, Connecticut who has worked for such iconic brands as Puma and Regime Des Fleurs. It was during his time as a student at Denison University that Logan began working with the Loose Films crew. His first film with Loose was the Jordan Kirk music video for Crazy (2015) in which he held the role of lead cinematographer. Such projects would become a common theme for Floyd as he finished his tenure at Denison, with the young filmmaker balancing time between classes and Loose to gain a hands-on education working on set.

Upon his college graduation, Floyd moved to the big apple to pursue a career in film. Throughout his time in New York, Logan continued to freelance with Loose Films on a variety of projects while still working as a cinematographer. After some time, Floyd felt himself seeking a much more communal atmosphere that he wasn't finding in New York and made plans to join forces with Loose in Columbus. Right after shooting a documentary in Hong Kong, Logan packed up his stuff and headed West. Upon reaching Columbus, he was welcomed with open arms by the Loose Films family. The rest is history.

Watch his cinematography reel here: