Souther Trip

February 23rd — The wicked embrace of cold hasn’t released its grasp on us yet. So, in search of endless summer and the saccharine kiss of a blazing sun, we decided to trek south.

Boredom is an anomaly: it’s both frustrating due to the apparent lack of stimulation coursing through one’s brain and simultaneously liberating due to the considerable lack of obligations clouding one’s schedule. And no other time period incites boredom quite like summertime. That is, until one is forced to do something about it. It’s the great equalizer. With nothing to do but pander and think, and nobody important to see, summertime is the promise of intense journeys wading through swamplands, heroic battles with imaginary groups and the sheer feeling of wanderlust hiking through serene natural landscapes.

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When Souther tasked us to create a music video for their single “Golden Hour,” they wanted to capture the innate wonder of summertime boredom. Choosing an aesthetically consistent set and setting for the music video, we decided to travel to Georgia to capture the essence of such a feeling and the often random events that unfold as a result.

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Driving more than eight hours and setting up shop at a secluded cabin in the woods, the entire cast and crew quickly became united under the promise of an everlasting summer. The road trip itself helped advance the narrative we were trying to accomplish. Gorgeous warm weather, a serene lake close by and the boundless desire to make magic. It was like summer camp for a weekend.

The video will be premiering March 23rd at Trism in Columbus, OH. Information below: