Down & Dirty: The Trailer

If a documentary's main purpose is to "document" an aspect of reality primarily for instruction, education, and illumination, then the film team has a duty to convey the truth. From the production and set up of a scene, to the shooting of it, to the editing room post-shoot, putting together a documentary is no easy feat. Unlike a narrative feature, a documentary is purely raw in nature. You get what you get. 

Over the past year, Loose Films has produced, filmed, and edited footage from a trip down to New Orleans with the Columbus-native band, New Thousand. The band makes their daily bread busking (street-performing) in the streets of New Orleans' French Quarter. From street corner politics to vibrant live concert footage, Down & Dirty captures the spirit of New Orleans' street performance through the eyes of a band that risked everything for their musical dreams. To survive and thrive in the streets, getting down and dirty is the only option. 

We are proud to officially announce the trailer for our first full documentary. The doc premiered at UNO Film Fest May 12 winning Friday's Audience Award. Watch the trailer here: