What we've been up to: eSports

At this point, I'm sure you've seen Loose around some professional gamers. From shoots in Mexico City to London, Los Angeles to our hometown, Columbus, we've teamed up with Major League Gaming to provide content for various tournaments held around the globe. Games that we've been a part of include Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, Dota, Star Wars: Battlefront, and much more. What some may not know is that gaming and the eSport world is HUGE. The worldwide revenue for gaming in 2016 was just under $100 billion. To put this into perspective, the top sports league revenues (including NFL, MLB, Premier League, etc) combined in 2016 was roughly $50 billion... so the whole gaming market (in monetary terms) is approximately twice the size of the top sports leagues around the world. Riddled with intense rivalry and competition, there are pro teams, millions of dollars in prize pools/sponsorships, game broadcasters, and large-scale productions all in eSports. The gaming world has certainly come a long way.  

This often overlooked market is an interesting one to be a part of - thus, we'd like to share some photos/videos of the world Loose has been living in as of late, the eSports world. As a team, Loose produces, shoots, and edits footage for MLG. We also coordinate and manage the ins and outs of production, providing all the necessary gear, personnel, and concepts. Take a look below and be sure to follow our Insta as we head to Paris this week!