#StandUpToSexism // Loose's video with AAUW Out Now

A badass, in general, and the Programs Manager at AAUW (American Association of University Women), Paige Robnett approached us to make a video about everyday sexism this past summer. AAUW is using our video in their campaign #StanduptoSexism, an online movement in which women, girls, boys, men, and allies of all identities can take action to show that they don’t accept sexism (Check it). It’s a great honor to be involved with this mission.

With the AAUW collaboration, Loose had an opportunity to reflect what was happening in the world. We like to provide work that entertains and excites but, even deeper than that, we want our work to resonate with others. We want viewers to look at our work and find something to relate to.

Often times people think of sexism only in overt and blatant terms and often miss the microagressions, the smaller yet still undeniable impactful moments of sexism: being talked over in a room full of men, a class that doesn’t listen when you speak, thinking you’re not good enough to compete with men on the basketball court. These issues are real and it was our mission to spotlight these moments of gender bias.

We hope that you find a thread to latch on to: whether it inspires you to get involved in women’s issues or if you watch it and feel less alone, we hope that you can help us spread this campaign and spread this message. Thanks to AAUW for trusting us in this noble campaign.