Loose Favs: Bottoms Up Coffee

When someone asks you to “grab a cup of coffee,” you should expect much more than simply ordering your favorite sugary drink that only slightly tastes like actual coffee. If you are asked to get coffee with someone, you expect to grab a table, split a lemon bar and converse with the people around you. Perhaps it's the consumption of caffeine that causes coffee shop conversation to progress into thought provoking debates, sentimental heart to hearts, or in-depth analysis of last week’s Bachelorette episode. Sisters Victoria Calderón and Virginia Nunes embraced the power of coffee and the conversation that it creates, which is why the two sisters opened Bottoms Up. Bottoms Up has become the place to be in the Franklinton neighborhood. Repurposed from an old post office, the coffee shop has a historic yet contemporary feel, with original hard wood floors and natural lighting - it’s the ideal place for any coffee date.

Not only is it a great location, but its mission is social change and awareness. Bottoms Up hopes to inspire a dialogue regarding the shockingly high infant mortality rates in Ohio. While sipping on coffee, customers at Bottoms Up are also helping save children’s lives and strengthening the Franklinton community. Proceeds fund local non-profits already working on decreasing infant mortality rates in Ohio. Additionally, they'll be hiring a community health worker for a year to assist families in the neighborhood, all while giving diapers using a Diaper Gap Fund that they also have set up in the shop.

In an effort to improve the neighborhood socially and economically, Bottoms Up has created a professional co-working space allowing start up companies or other organizations to have a place to develop and grow their businesses. The sisters feel the best way to reduce infant mortality is by strengthening and uniting the neighborhood. They believe once a strong community is established, efforts to reduce infant mortality will be easier and more effective. To say that the Loose Films team loves having Bottoms Up just a few blocks away from the office is an understatement. As daily customers, we love assisting in Bottoms Up’s efforts to decrease infant mortality, and we hope you check it out too.