Aunt Flow: Changing the Game

When I was 4 years old, one of the most important questions I got asked was “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I believe we can all relate.  Often times, I would say “a doctor!” and yes, I owned a doctor’s kit.  Other people would say firefighter and most likely they owned a fire truck. Unfortunately, as college students, we are often asked “So what do you want to do after college?” and it is expected that we have a career set because we had over 18 years to decide. Unfortunately, for many of us that is not the real deal.  Therefore, the initial question is problem. Instead, the question we should be asking others and asking ourselves is “What is one thing that we would like to see change in the world?” and, additionally, “Can we be part of this change?”

A few days ago, Loose Films had the pleasure of meeting Claire Coder, the founder of Aunt Flow.  Claire, 19, has achieved so much in a short amount of time, and it’s very inspiring to hear her story.  She dropped out of school before the first semester endedafter realizing that college was not part of her career path. She wanted to make change in the world and also have her own business, a goal that could not be accomplished if she was in school. Therefore, she decided to become a social entrepreneur. Hence, Aunt Flow.

Aunt Flow, in its simplest form, is a webpage that allows people to buy 100% cotton tampons and pads, which is rare for companies of its type. On top of that, when a person buys a box, a separate box is given to a woman in need.  Menstrual cycles are an expensive gift from Mother Nature, and not all women can afford basic hygiene feminine products. Unfortunately, programs like WIC or food stamps do not cover these necessary products. 

Aunt Flow, whose products will go on pre-sale in November and fully roll out in January, not only offers customers the opportunity to donate a box of tampons to woman in need but also allows consumers to choose the non-profit organization that receives the tampons. And on top of that, they get to choose the design they want on their tampons!  

Access to basic hygiene feminine products is a luxury that not all women can afford.  Claire saw a problem and was able to become a part of the change. We all have ability to be a part of change, we just need to find our avenues for it.

Are you ready to be a customer and design your own tampon?