DYAN: The incredible film-scoring, dream-pop Trio

Loose Films is, uhm, a fan of movies. Everything about film is important to us - from the rigs used to shoot, to film locations, to who the Director of Photography of a certain film is, etc. - we love it all. Something often discussed amongst ourselves is the power of a film's score. The film score sets up scenes, encompasses the mood of a scene, and perhaps makes or breaks a scene. Well, Alexis & Sam are a film-scoring power duo. They scored Jocelyn Towne's fantastic debut feature film I Am I and many other projects that you can check out on their website linked above. For now, we'd like to focus on their absolutely stunning musical endeavor, DYAN

Consisting of Alexis & Sam (Alexis Marsh and Samuel Jones) as well as pianist/drummer Dan Dorff Jr, DYAN offers a marriage between cinematic scoring and dream pop. There's something visual about every tune on their debut album entitled Looking For Knives that came out July 29th. Full of ethereal synth pans, Marsh's soothing vocals, catchy guitar work, and airy piano - this album is an artistic masterpiece. DYAN's frontwoman speaks on the projects inception with Billboard in an interview:

I kept writing songs for projects as the opportunities came up. Once we had a handful, we tried to find time to produce the album between our film work. I was getting anxious about having this open-ended project so I took some time out from scoring to live in Cincinnati, finish the songs and work with Dan Dorff, whose playing I had admired since we went to school together at the University of Louisville. We mixed the album at Kevin Retterman's studio in Louisville, Kentucky, and that was the first time three of us, Dan, Sam, and I worked together.

Yeah, they worked on this thing in the Midwest! Back to the music... While the album stays consistent in quality, their songs vary in breadth and depth. On the one hand, "The Push," "Of Love," and "Reality" really showcase cinematic side of DYAN - think Brian Eno and Sigur Rós - utilizing melancholic, melodic swells alongside a more vocally subtle Marsh. On the other hand, tunes such as "Looking For Knives," "Days Upon Days," and "St. James" draw on the indie-electro side of DYAN. Personally, the album-titled single, "Looking for Knives," has to be my favorite as of right now. And then there is the acoustical and indie side of the album with songs like "Ooh Song" (a close second for me) and "Aging" to complete the album's musical spectrum. Marsh and Jones are indeed testing the waters of the album world.

All in all, DYAN's Looking For Knives is a beautiful project full of experimentation, narrative, and auricularly pleasant sounds. We here at Loose Films hope this isn't a one-time project for the film scorers and we are extremely intrigued with the thought of how their music videos are to turn out. DYAN, if you are still in Cincinnati/Louisville let's meet! Be sure to check out DYAN on Facebook, Twitter and their website. Below you can stream the full LP on Spotify: 

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