The Best Albums for Writing

Here at Loose we pride on ourselves on a lot of things; senses of humor, cool videos, affinity for dogs, who can perform the best English accent, etc. But two of the things we take most seriously are film and music. We think the two, at times, go hand and hand. Film and music perform an intricate dance routine every time they are together and when done correctly that dance can be overwhelmingly beautiful and move an audience to laughter (Risky Business), tears (The Titanic), and many other emotions. So when we find ourselves in a coffee shop on a rainy Tuesday afternoon writing a feature length film, short script or any other type of literature, you can bet that the music we’ll be listening to is chosen very carefully. 

So without further ado, here’s a list of a few albums that we think dance well with writing.

Ratatat - Magnifique

This album has all the characteristics to break your writer’s block. With smooth transitions, melodic bass drum lows and vibrantly shredding riffs, Magnifique will keep your fingers moving for 44 minutes. Plus the fact that there are no lyrics throughout the LP won’t take away from your linguistic thoughts.

Inspiration Song: Magnifique

Writing Style: Stream of Consciousness

Mas YsaSeraph

How many rollercoasters can one album provide? With Seraph you’ll be bouncing up and down as Mas treats you to brilliant vocals combined with jarring synths and percussion that will leave you wanting more. The simple yet powerful lyrics of this album will allow you to stay with your own thoughts or follow those of Mas at your leisure.

Inspiration Song: Gun

Writing Style: Screen Writing

CocoRosie - Heartache City

If you’re looking for verbal inspiration, this album is for you. It flows between intelligent lyricism that verges upon poetry and funky, garage-esque beats that allow you to put your words first. If you’re looking for an album that can give you vocabularic ammunition with time to formulate your own thoughts, look no further. 

Inspiration Song: Lost Girls

Writing Style: Poetry

BadBadNotGood - 99.9%

If you have a sweet spot (or any spot) for hip-hop and head bobbing, the trap hybrid of 99.9% deserves it’s place on your writing playlist. With roughly half of it’s songs containing lyrics this album provides a fresh vibe and thoughtful composition perfect for your favorite writing nook. Though I don’t recommend it, if the lyrics become too distracting, just skip a minute ahead in the song and you may find the perfect word-generating rhythm.

Inspiration Song: WEIGHT OFF

Writing Style: Rap, Spoken Word

Julianna Barwick - Nepenthe

Though it would be amiss to describe this album as “background music” it’s the closest to it you’ll find on this list. The melodic harmonies and beautiful crescendos that Barwick creates in her music will allow you to step into your own world of writing, wherever that may be. The dictionary definition of the word Nepenthe (presumedly unfamiliar to most) describes it as “dispelling pain” and with this album you’ll have 41 minutes of exactly that.

Inspiration Song: One Half

Writing Style: Prose

Much Love,

Drew Johnson