- Organization Spotlight is a website run by Gabrielle A. Hill. The goal of is to provide a “one-stop-shop” to equip high school students and young professionals with the basic knowledge needed to excel in common career environments and social situations.

It’s important to educate younger generations with information they may or may not be learning in schools. Read more about Gabrielle and her important mission in an interview below!

What is TheCultureShock.Org’s mission?

The goal of is to provide a “one-stop-shop” to equip high school students and young professionals with the basic knowledge needed to excel in common career environments and social situations.  Additionally, aims to promote wardrobe creativity, while minimizing financial barriers and still looking professional. This is done through the incorporation of items that were obtained by “thrifting”.

Why do you do what you do?

Simply put, we at want to "pay it forward" and give back information & resources that were given to us.

What is your background in this field?

When I created I was beginning my young professional career as an AmeriCorps Ohio College Guide. Since then, I have completed my Masters and am now a licensed school counselor (formerly known as "guidance counselor") at a local charter school.

What sets TheCultureShock.Org apart? 

We offer etiquette and soft skills resources in a relatable "near-peer" model. This way, the information is relevant because it's mostly coming from young professionals who are currently living and learning it.

What is the future of Culture Shock? has been a functioning website for about 3 years now, but we are expanding. I am excited as we will offer workshops, service opportunities & travel experiences as a non-profit organization in the near future.


What obstacles does Culture Shock face?

While we are a valuable resource, our intended audience is high school students and they aren't usually waiting at the end of their seats to learn what's next in career development. So we have to find creative ways to get the information to them. That's where the idea of the Cultural Immersion Workshops came from and we will continue to find innovative ways to get this information to the young people.

What made you want to start TheCultureShock.Org? How did you make it happen?

I wanted to be a resource because I was at an event at a nice venue for an event for my female students and I noticed that they were not appropriately dressed for "business professional." There was a range from homecoming attire to something I'd see people wear to church & neither of those styles were appropriate. There was also a plated lunch at this event and forget knowing what fork to use, the girls were putting on mascara and stacking up their plates with entrees from nearby place settings. It was then that I decided to team up with a colleague of mine to inform my students. It wasn't fair to talk about their behavior and then not equip them with the knowledge I thought they needed. So the idea of a blog turned into a website and now a website will turn into a non-profit, funny how things happen. 

I made it happen by using my resources (friends, students & colleagues) & figuring out how to use technology (i.e. create and update a website). I had a lot of help but ultimately I had and still do take responsibility to make sure that the site is running up to it's full potential, I can't wait to grow our team.

What do you want our generation to take from you?

Wow, that's a hard question. I guess that it's important to give back to others what was given to you, no matter if it's a word of advice or a word of correction in love, be willing to fight for your dreams, oh and it's ok to be nice! You don't have to be a push over but just be nice to people, it's good for the soul.