Loose Films Picks - May

Every month (or whenever we feel like it) the team is going to share with you our current favorites in literature, movies, music and more. 

Jen (Assistant Editor): Between the World and Me by Ta-NeHisi Coates

In 2015, author Ta-NeHisi Coates published Between The World and Me, a novel written in the form of a letter to his teenage son about growing up black in the United States. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It is imperative that we take a step outside of our own experiences and perspectives, for empathy is at the heart of all real change and progress. I could go on and on about this book, but it won't do it justice. Just read it!

Brett (Producer/Development Director): Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The season has ended, and it might be difficult to find anywhere, but I don’t have enough words to describe how perfect this show is. It’s a smart, satirical, witty, feminist, comedy/musical series. The characters are flawed and complicated and real and relatable. The CW network has been holding it down recently. Check out this hilarious clip, poking fun at beauty standards:

Ori (Creative Director): "More", an animated short by Mark Osborne

More is an awesome animation. I’ve watched about 20 times over the last few years and every time, I find new meaning.

Jabari (Intern): Blurryface - Twenty-One Pilots

The fourth album of the Columbus hip-hop group keeps the upbeat catchy style of their previous work and it's incredibly approachable for anyone. My favorite song on the album is easily "Ride". Growing up with Jamaican family and culture, I really dig that dancehall vibe.  

Peter (Intern): Malibu - Anderson Paak

Anderson Paak's second debut album "Malibu" is a delicious blend of R&B, Rap, and Funk. Paak's voice is incredibly unique. It is reminiscent of Chance's. Not in the gravel like sound, but in how it stands out from the rest of music. If you haven't heard of Paak, I highly recommend checking him out now.

Noah (Lead Editor/Composer): Los Guachos Taqueria 

My life’s quest of finding the perfect taco has recently been fulfilled.

The gustatory craftsmanship of the Gringas Taco found at Los Guachos Taqueria is unparalleled in flavor.  Blending the flavor of savory marinated Al Pastor with nectarous fresh pineapple has not only affected my taste buds, but the way that I think about food and life.  For any local food enthusiasts still searching for the taco with no flaws, look no further than Los Guachos on Godown Rd. off of Bethel.  It will change your life.  

Drew (Producer/Operations Manager): Impossible to Know by Brian Andreas

Poetry can be a tough subject to break into; let Brian Andreas help you with that. The Iowa native has an altogether original voice in poetry and his most recent book, Impossible to Know, is some of his best work. Yes, I have a sweet spot for this book because my mother gifted it to me, but Andreas’ poetry has a whimsical yet beautiful flow that combines simple narrative and seemingly elementary artwork to tackle subjects such as happiness, death, sex and finding oneself.  So if you’re looking for poetry that will make you smile, think about the world from a different perspective and even laugh out loud, check out Impossible to Know.