Loose Release: Booty & The Kidd - Get

If you've ever had a conversation with Nick Reinmann (The Kidd) and Tyler Butts (Booty), you'd know that the duo rarely talk about anything else besides music and chilling. In no way is this a bad thing - they're not lazy - they're musicians.  Like many passions, music is one that is all-consuming. There's something about creating a piece of art that sounds so good to one's own ears that it becomes addicting. The lifestyle of a musician revolves around writing, listening, performing, and repeating - music can take up all of one's time. For the most part, musicians love this. However, it can be a lonely journey where one is holed up in an apartment, eyes glued to the blinking screen of Logic Pro on their laptop, hands cramped from days and days of nonstop writing and playing. Booty & The Kidd know this feeling well and, thus, this sometimes lonely lifestyle of a musician was the inspiration for the tune and video for "Get" - the last installment of three music videos Loose has worked with B&tK on. 

The team would like to thank Nick and Tyler for their dedication to their musical craft and for letting us be a part of it. It's been a pleasure. Without further ado, here is our video for "Get."

Forever yours in entertainment,