A film by Noah Dixon and Drew Johnson



Three old friends - Merric, Lillian and Thomas - reunite for an afternoon of conversation on their lives, human nature and, among other things, love. The trio sit in Merric’s parlor sharing a bottle of brandy and, as the afternoon unfolds, the atmosphere thickens as each of the three friends fall helplessly in love with one another. Through the exploration of nostalgia and the raw excitement of a nascent love, each character comes to a head as tension in the room builds toward a culmination.



Miami Independent Film Festival - Winner: Best Short Film of the Month

Cindependent Film Festival - Winner: Best Ohio Short Film

Ohio Shorts Wexner Film Festival - Winner: Audience Choice

Film Festival of Columbus Winner: Best Short Film

Indie Gathering International Film Festival Winner: Best Short Comedy/Drama

Maumee Film Festival - Winner: Best Short Film 

Portland Comedy Film Fest - Official Selection

St. Cloud Film Fest - Official Selection 

Westfield International Film Festival - Official Selection 

Twin Rivers Media Festival - Official Selection 

LA Cine Fest - Official Selection 

Iowa Independent Film Festival - Official Selection



Director Statement: 

Since the beginning of our friendship, the idea of love has always inspired impassioned discourse; we’ve spent countless sleepless nights digging into the absurdity of the emotion and its effect on humans. Consequently, we haven’t gotten very far. Love being entirely intangible makes it almost impossible to fully understand, which can be painful! For us, love is equally negative as it is positive, and that’s something we think a lot of people fail to realize. On one hand, love is security and comfort. On the other hand, it’s hardship, loss and pain. Our goal with Among Other Things was to bring a dialogue to the viewer around the duality of the emotion, because really the only way to deal with love is to increase our awareness and understanding of it, however trivial it may be.

When we originally wrote the film, we wanted to examine — practically with a microscope — the experience of falling in love as an instantaneous and debilitating occurrence. Utilizing the internal narratives of the film’s three characters, we set out to elucidate the perplexing nature of love. In the age of tinder and digital expectations, how many become lost in the search for love and miss its purpose altogether? The events that unfold in the film emphasize both the tender embrace of love and, ultimately, its destructive nature. We feel very strongly that if we, as a society, consistently treat love as a bargaining chip, rather than the chaotic and ephemeral journey it is, we will never increase our understanding of it and what it can do for us.



Cast & Crew

Merrick Drew Johnson

Lillian Meghan Garber

Thomas Joel Lohoua

Narrated By: Dylan Dyer

Directors: Noah Dixon and Drew Johnson

Director of Photography: Ori Segev

Producer: Drew Johnson

1st AD: Brett Reiter

Gaffer: Logan Floyd

Grip: Peter Mathes

Assistant Camera: Jen Trimmer

Associate Producer: Roger Phelps

Sound Technician: Chris Cope

Location Manager: Andrea Emmerich

Production Assistant: John Flynn

Makeup Artist: Cora Lange

Hair Artist: Anittria Wicker

Editor: Noah Dixon

Colorist: Ori Segev

Score: Ching Chu Hu

Media Relations: John Flynn

Featuring Music by: Ching Chu Hu

The Irreplaceables

Featuring Music by:

Ching Chu Hu

The Irreplaceables

Special Thanks: Central Grip & Lighting

Andrea Emmerich

Sarah Achor

Deer Deer Vintage

Milo Arts

Mike Gegel

The National Archives

The Library of Congress

IR Management

Universal Music Publishing