A film by Noah Dixon and Drew Johnson




Three old friends, Merric, Lillian and Thomas, are reunited for an afternoon of conversation on love, among other things. They sit in Merric’s parlor and share a bottle of brandy. As the afternoon unfolds, the atmosphere thickens when each of the friends falls in love with another. Through exploring their past experiences and the excitement of new love, each character comes to a head as tension in the room builds.


Director Statement: 

Among Other Things examines the experience of falling in love as an instant. The film is meant to explore the different ways in which people can experience this emotion. Although a romantically intimate interpersonal connection is one of the most powerful and sought-after experiences, directors Noah and Drew found that it was rarely talked about in daily life. Their goal with Among Other Things is to bring the viewer closer to a dialogue around love, whether internal or external. 

Since the beginning of Noah and Drew’s friendship the idea of love has always been a present topic. The creation of Among Other Things came from the countless conversations they had with each other and with others on the subject. In this film, they seek to explore the dynamics of sexuality and human desires that are so often described under the umbrella of the word “love”.

This film was born out of the idea that love and how it effects every person individually should be a constantly-assessed experience. 


Cast:  Drew Johnson

Meghan Garber

Joel Lohoua

Narrated By: Dylan Dyer

Directors: Noah Dixon and Drew Johnson

Director of Photography: Ori Segev

Producer: Drew Johnson

1st AD: Brett Reiter

Gaffer: Logan Floyd

Grip: Peter Mathes

Assistant Camera: Jen Trimmer

Associate Producer: Roger Phelps

Sound Technician: Chris Cope

Location Manager: Andrea Emmerich

Production Assistant: John Flynn

Makeup Artist: Cora Lange

Hair Artist: Anittria Wicker

Editor: Noah Dixon

Colorist: Ori Segev

Score: Ching Chu Hu


Special Thanks: Central Grip & Lighting

Andrea Emmerich

Sarah Achor

Deer Deer Vintage

Milo Arts

Mike Gegel

The National Archives

The Library of Congress

IR Management

Universal Music Publishing


Featuring Music by: Ching Chu Hu

The Irreplaceables